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VTU Notes For 4th Semester Mechanical Engineering CBCS SCHEME

In this page you can view and download VTU Mechanical engineering notes 4TH SEM CBCS scheme in pdf, also you can download other study materials of VTU CBCS scheme of Mechanical engineering such as syllabus of Mechanical 4TH SEM CBCS scheme, previous and the model question of Mechanical Eng 4Th SEM CBCS scheme.

SUBJECT NAME : Kinematics of Machines

Module – I   : Introduction & Mechanisms
Module – II  : Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms (Graphical Method) & Velocity Analysis by Instantaneous Center Method & Klein's Construction
Module – III : Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms (Analytical Method) & Freudenstein’s equation & Function Generation
Module – IV  : Spur Gears & Gear Trains
Module – V   : Cams & Analysis of Cams

SUBJECT NAME : Applied Thermodynamics

Module – I   : Gas Power Cycles
Module – II  : Vapour Power Cycles
Module – III : Combustion Thermodynamics & I.C.Engines
Module – IV  : Refrigeration Cycles & Psychrometrics and Air-conditioning Systems
Module – V   : Reciprocating Compressors & Steam nozzles

SUBJECT NAME : Fluid Mechanics

Module – I   : Basics & Fluid Statics
Module – II  : Fluid Kinematics and Dynamics
Module – III : Laminar and turbulent flow
Module – IV  : Flow over bodies & Dimensional analysis
Module – V   : Compressible Flows & Introduction to CFD

SUBJECT NAME : Metal Casting and Welding "A"

Module – I   : Introduction & Basic Materials Used in Foundry
Module – II  : Melting & Metal Mold Casting Methods
Module – III : Solidification & Non-Ferrous Foundry Practice
Module – IV  : Welding Process
Module – V   : Soldering, Brazing and Metallurgical Aspects in Welding

SUBJECT NAME : Machine Tools and Operations

Module – I   : Machine Tools
Module – II  : Machining Processes
Module – III : Cutting Tool Materials, Geometry And Surface Finish
Module – IV  : Mechanics Of Machining Processes
Module – V   : Tool Wear, Tool Life & Economics Of Machining Processes

SUBJECT NAME : Computer Aided Machine Drawing "A"


SUBJECT NAME : Mechanical Measurements and Metrology

Module – I   : Introduction to Metrology & Linear Measurement and angular measurements
Module – II  : System of Limits, Fits, Tolerance, and Gauging, Comparators
Module – III : Measurement of a screw thread and gear & Advances in metrology
Module – IV : Measurement systems and basic concepts of measurement methods & Intermediate modifying and terminating devices
Module – V  : Force, Torque and Pressure Measurement & Measurement of strain and temperature


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